Welcome to Kimolos Island

Kimolos Services

Getting off the ferry, on the right side of the peer, there is an information point, where you can get some printed material.

There are no car or moto rental in Kimolos. So, it is necessary to book one in Milos, as you arrive either by plane or by boat. Normally they deliver them there. From the port or airport of Milos to Pollonia there are about 14 km. The ferry to Kimolos takes both cars and moto. Make sure you arrive in Pollonia 1/2 an hour before departure. We are trying to convince the ferry owner to allow reservations via internet.

There is a local bus going to the Chora.

In the Chora there are a few cash points (bancomat or ATM). Very few use credit cards.

First Aid

Infirmary and drugstore call 22870.51222


Call +30.6973.700033