Welcome to Kimolos Island

Kimolos Restaurants

Local products are the bases for the Kimolos cuisine, from soft or hard cheeses, often served on the Greek salad, exceptionally tasty meat from goats and sheep, and fishes, when available, as the fried catfish (galeo) with garlic sauce (skordalia).

In pastry shops, and at times in restaurants, you want to taste the "ladenia", a local pizza with olive oil, tomato and onion. Remember also the cheese pies "amarathopita" and the fish pies "atherinopita", with small fishes and onion. Good bottled wines are not easily found.

At Psathi there are two restaurants, right on the beach, and three cafe's. During the speak summer season the Prassa restaurant offers very, very interesting dishes: from the producer to the consumer: try the cheese croquette and the goat "lemonato", with lemon.

Other restaurants are SouthWest, close to the beaches of Aliki and Bonatsa, and of course you have some other restaurants in the Chora.

Not many shops in Kimolos, just the necessary small markets. No foreign press, several cash points (ATM).